Posted on Apr 1, 2019

DNS Home Inspection and Consulting

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DNS Home Inspection went above and beyond! Deb and Sean did such a thorough job. They checked EVERY outlet and light switch. Crawled around the whole attic looking of water damage...even though it was sooo hot. They kept my husband and I informed whenever they found something a little off or something really great that added value. They even did extra research on the electrical panel. It looked "fine" from the outside. However, these two had the expertise to know something was off. Turns out that brand of electrical panel was not used anymore because it had caused so many house fires!! Beware of Challenger Electrical panels...look it up. DNS were looking out for the safety of our family. We are grateful. They were also affordable and coordinated all other inspections (pest and septic). I made one phone call and they did everything else. We had our reports from all vendors in one email within 24 hours of inspection. They also worked with our insurance company to make sure they had all the information needed for our wind mitigation. So .....thorough, affordable, easy to work with, and efficient! Hire these two! ... J. Hunick
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